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Here at Wellow House School we strongly believe that when the school, students and parents work together in partnership we are best positioned to raise the necessary funds to support our children's collective educational experience.

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Easy Funding

A simple way to fundraise for WHSPA is to sign up to easy fundraising and choose WHSPA as your charity when shopping with online retailers.  Each time you shop with these retailers, a percentage (average 5%) of your total spend will be redirected, straight to WHSPA's bank account.

Retailers in this program include, eBay, Hello Fresh, Dunelm, Boots and more!

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Match Funding

Match funding is a fantastic scheme whereby employers provide funding for organisations such as schools.

It is a very simple and easy means of extra funding. As an employee, it doesn’t cost you anything, only the time you spend volunteering at an event.  That time spent can translate into hundreds of pounds of extra money for WHSPA, which directly benefits our children.

In many cases it is as simple as approaching your HR department and finding out about their scheme (the name of the scheme may differ depending on the company) and then contacting us to finalise the arrangements

Companies that use the scheme include Argos, Boots, KPMG, HSBC and more.

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We are often looking for sponsors for our larger events including the Wellow House Ball, 50th Anniversary Black Tie event and other family events.  If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact us to discuss the package opportunities.

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