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WHSPA's primary purpose is to provide parents and the school with the opportunity to work together to develop mutual trust and confidence while advancing the education of our children.

We achieve this by promoting a cooperative partnership between the administration, staff, parents and others associated with the school and by engaging in social and fundraising activities designed to improve the facilities and equipment that support the school.

Across the past twenty + years, the WHSPA team has hosted many events and raised tens of thousands of pounds to support Wellow House School.  

All the funds raised have been spent in agreement with the Wellow House School administration to improve both the facilities and offering available here at Wellow House School.

WHPSA is a charity and we are currently in the process of registering formally with the Charity Commission. 

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Raising funds to facilitate improvements at Wellow House School is one of our most important objectives.  We fundraise through a range of channels including:

Annual Social Events

Sponsorships from Local Businesses

Donations via Easyfundraising

Corporate Match Funding

Direct Donations via Gift Aid

Recycling Projects

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Over the years we have raised tens of thousands of pounds and it is our hope that together, we can continue to bring improvements to Wellow House School through our projects and activities.

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Another priority for the WHSPA team is to bring our children, the staff, administration, parents and carers together at social events.

Naturally, these events take an extraordinary scale of organisation, patience, enthusiasm and energy, but all our team know that it's worth it for our children.

Some of our popular events include the Wellow House Ball, Christmas Fair, Fireworks Party and End of Year Disco.

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Upon invitation from Wellow House School, WHSPA puts together advisory sub-committees.  These sub-committees use the experience and contacts from our parent and carer base to support new school initiatives, manage change and advise on policies.

Current Sub-Committees include:

School Uniform Sub-Committee

School Website Redesign Sub-Committee

Wellow House Ball Sub-Committee

iPad Funding & Purchase Sub-Committee

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Connecting and informing our parent and carer community is hugely important to the success of WHSPA at the school.

All our formal communications can be found here on our website and are also shared on our behalf by Miss Lamb via email and ClassDojo to all parents and carers.

Each class year at Wellow House School has a Class Representative who serves as the contact between your class and WHSPA.   As well as acting as a key point of communication for the class and parents, these Class Representatives arrange smaller social events specifically designed to bring that class's parents together.

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