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WHSPA is run by volunteer parents and carers at Wellow House School supported by a host of Event Sub -Committee Members, Class Representatives and Volunteers, all of whom are either parents or carers of the children at Wellow House School.  

Each and every member generously donates their time, skills, creativity and energy to help improve our school and community.

If you are interested in leading or joining an Event Sub-Committee or volunteering for any of our events and activities, we would be delighted to hear from you!

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6 Reasons to support WHSPA

It's fun!  Joining a group of like-minded people who work together to deliver positive improvements to the school where your child learns through social events and activities is not only rewarding but great fun too.

Yes, we pay school fees, but we also know that all school budgets are tight.  The funds raised by WHSPA help to make Wellow House School even more special.

WHSPA is inclusive and we are always looking for ideas and volunteers prepared to work on new fundraisers and events.   We want to do better, year after year.

Volunteering for events and spending time at the school gives you the opportunity to get to know your child's teachers, learn how the school works and to better understand the problems, challenges and joys our school team find in their work.

Most children (especially the younger ones), really love having their parents involved with the school, sharing in their experience and showing interest in their schooling.

Actively participating in WHSPA helps you to get to know other parents and pupils at Wellow House School.  This in turn helps you to develop wider and deeper friendships with other parents and their children.

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How does WHSPA work?

The WHSPA Committee Members are elected at the WHSPA AGM at the close of each school year to manage WHSPA on behalf of all  Members.

There are two types of Committee Member; Trustees and Ordinary members.

Trustees have specific roles such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer or Secretary and have a legal duty to ensure that WHSPA acts lawfully and is managed properly.

Ordinary Committee Members play a vital role working alongside and supporting the Trustees.  

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WHSPA Class Representatives

Each form in the School is encouraged to have at least one Class Representative.   Parents are asked to volunteer for this role at the start of each academic year and responsibilities include:

Acting as a social contact for new and existing parents

Distributing class lists and Parents’ Association communications to parents

Feeding back any issues or queries from parents at the termly class co-ordinators meeting

Providing support to the WHSPA Committee through co-ordinating volunteer parents for the WHSPA fundraising events, such as the Summer Ball and Christmas Fair


Rana Saxon-West


Gemma Reynolds

Year 1

Manju Giga

Year 2

Open for applications

Year 3

Philippa Marsh

Year 4

Open for applications

Year 5

Open for Applications

Year 6

Bessma Kubba

Year 7

Laura Pinson

Year 8

Open for Applications

Year 9

Helen Godfrey

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Event Sub-Committees

Family Fireworks Party

Lead: Gemma Reynolds 

We're already looking forward to this year's Family Fireworks Party and we need your help in the preparation and on the evening! 

Please contact Gemma or Hannah Dolby if you'd like to learn more. 

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Event & Project Volunteers

Many of our parents and carers do not have the time to commit to the WHSPA Committee, Sub-Committee and Class Representative roles.  Instead, our parents opt to volunteer on an event to event basis depending on their personal schedules.  

Event and Project Volunteers are the life-force of WHSPA and we couldn't deliver our events without their support.  Please join us!

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